Blue racoon

Blue Racoon Creations is my personal alias. A racoon is, apart from being super cute, an animal with very dexterous little hands. These tiny hands are quite versatile, extremely agile and universally usable. For I am a rather little person and can identify with these attributes, this animal fits me as a person quite well. In Aztec – Nahuati, the word „racoon“ means „one who takes everything in its hands“ – a feature which I can easily adapt to myself as well.

My hometown Idar-Oberstein, a small city in the south-west of Germany, is famous for it’s gemstones around the world. Therefore, i chose the diamond-like geometric appearance. I chose the spelling with just one „c“ due to its rarity. The word „blue“ does not refer to the colour, but to the mood. I am very keen how this self-branding is going to develop.

P.S.: I wash my food, too.

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